How We Work

So, here is how we do it:

  • Step 1: ASSESS
    Through an easy and fun survey process, we gather information about employee interests, management objectives, company goals, existing resources and capacity for new programming;
  • Step 2: PLAN
    Based on this information, we develop an SRB Action Plan that provides clear impact, are easy to implement and are based on meaningful metrics with which you can set goals and evaluate progress;
  • Step 3: EMPOWER
    Identify your internal champions - employees who are already committed to the environment, personal wellness, and community engagement - so that natural leadership can be spread across the company rather than rest solely on the shoulders of the HR team;
  • Step 4: MEASURE
    Take a baseline assessment of those areas that have been identified as target objectives (such as improved morale, increasing retention, reducing sick days, decreasing energy costs, or reducing environmental impact);
  • Step 5: SUPPORT
    Provide direction, accountability and ongoing support to both the champions and the HR team through monthly check-in calls, training webinars, on-line resources and participation in the TWB networking site which connects champions from across the country to share best practices.
  • Step 6: EVALUATE
    Evaluate your SRB program against your baseline to assess and broadcast your successes, as well as identify next steps.

The cost for TWB services is a fraction (usually less than 1%) of what you are already paying for your traditional employee benefits plan. Since our work hours correlate with the number of active employees at a company, our contracts operate on a per-employee, per-month basis. However, you may also access all of these services by switching your traditional benefits to one of our preferred benefit broker partners who will subsidize our services for you as part of their core offerings.

To find out more, please email info@theworldbenefits.com