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Company-wide Assessment Surveys
A successful SRB program can only work if the plan reflects the goals and values of your organization and your people. The assessment process is made up of 3 integrated pieces.

  • Management Cares Survey - This online tool generally takes under 30 minutes to complete and measures senior level commitment to CSR, goals, etc. The survey includes questions such as: What are company objectives and goals? How would management define success?
  • Leadership Interview – Each survey is followed by a 20 minute phone interview. In this conversation, we can gather more distinct information such as how key management views Social Responsibility generally and key support items or roadblocks to be aware of.
  • Employee Pulse Survey – This survey, sent to all employees, takes around 10 minutes to complete. The purpose of this survey is to find out where your employees' values and interests lie in regard to CSR efforts. We ask questions about the activities they are currently participating in and whether or not they would be interested in leading others in SRB initiatives.

As a result of the surveys, TWB will provide a report that:

  • Provides a summary of findings;
  • Summarizes current company and employee efforts already in place;
  • Defines the priority of goals and desired return on investment in terms of company initiatives, employee interests, and potential social impact; and
  • Identifies all employees who are willing to step up to be social responsibility "champions."
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SRB Action Plans
Based on the survey findings, TWB will work with your internal team to identify SRBs that:

  • Connect clearly to company goals;
  • Frame goals and interests within existing capacity and resources;
  • Prioritize "low hanging fruit" - the high return, low cost strategies can you implement quickly to see results and gain momentum;
  • Include suggested accountability and evaluation methods to measure your progress (retention numbers, employee satisfaction, fewer sick days, etc.); and
  • Manage expectations around cultural change.

TWB experts are also available on an additional consulting basis to develop more detailed, tailored plans for your company at an hourly rate.

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Ongoing Support for SRB Initiatives
TWB exists to create positive results, not just words on recycled paper. Our goal is to get your socially responsible benefit action plan running and producing results. Perhaps the most important element of the TWB process is our client support. We provide tools and resources to both HR managers and internal champions: employees who are passionate about wellness, environment, or community engagement. Elements of the engagement process include:

  • A Champion Orientation for employees who want to take a leadership role among their peers;
  • Quarterly webinars with experts in issues related to social responsibility such as "how to work with your internal champions" or "how to communicate the value of SRBs to stakeholders.";
  • A monthly newsletter to stay current on trends, local happenings and ideas for new SRB strategies;
  • Access to an exclusive TWB networking website to share tools, techniques and best practices with experts;
  • Access to the user friendly templates and best practices information on how to lead efforts in Wellness, Environmental Sustainability and Community Engagement;
  • Monthly check-ins with a dedicated service representative. Each month the champion will set goals for the coming month and report back progress with their service representative. Check-ins are designed to give encouragement, support, recognition, resources and ideas to you and your champions.

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Evaluation of SRB Impact
Perhaps the most important piece of a CSR plan is evaluating your progress and success. We provide your management team with short biannual summaries of progress, and perform a more detailed annual review each year in conjunction with the next year's assessment.

In the evaluation, we look at metrics to show you how your intended return on investment is being realized, as well as results from the past year's activities. In addition to measuring the goals of your own ROI, we help you to quantify your efforts by providing user friendly statistics on the impact your company has made over the previous year. We assess individual and aggregate involvement levels, and show what impact your employees feel they have made. These statistics are terrific to use for internal operations, newsletters, blogs annual reports and press releases.

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Evolution of Existing SRB Plans

The TWB team is here to help you analyze efforts, celebrate successes, and retool aspects of the plan to adapt to a constantly changing environment. Our team will meet with you annually to help answer the following questions:

  • What can be done to further current successes?
  • Have goals and objectives changed in the last year?
  • If original milestones are met, what's next?
  • Is the company willing, and able to dedicate any additional resources?
  • What changes, if any, have happened in the landscape of social responsibility?
  • What was learned during the course of the implementation of the plan?
  • How have changing markets affected the goals set by your socially responsible activities?
  • Where does your company currently stand in the realm of CSR, and where does it want to go?

As a result, each year your plan will be refreshed in a way that ensures relevancy.

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