Our Story

After more than 17 years as a traditional benefits broker, Michael Danzansky felt that something was calling him to contribute more directly to the world. What’s more is, as he went to visit his clients, he realized they and their employees were feeling the same way.

He reached out to a very special group of friends who were experts in related fields – marketing, corporate social responsibility, etc. - and invited them into his idea. In January of 2009, seven of us ensconced ourselves in a house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland for three days and talked about creating a company that could “do good” by helping businesses and individuals find ways to benefit the world.  And have fun in the process.

TWB reflects our shared passions for a healthy and thriving human culture, for the beauty of forests and oceans, and for our connection to a greater purpose.  Most of all, The World Benefits reflects our shared desire to make a tangible difference in people’s lives and the world. We are proud to share this with you and invite you to become part of our growing community.