Social Responsibility as an Employee Benefit

The World Benefits enlivens traditional benefit platforms with strategies that provide a significant return on investment and advance your corporate social responsibility commitment to employees, the community, and the environment.

The World Benefits is pioneering the field of Socially Responsible Benefits (SRBs). SRBs are programs that foster positive social and environmental change while achieving HR related goals such as attracting and retaining top talent and increasing productivity.   In addition to the primary impact on employees, SRBs also provide secondary returns such as positive publicity, access to new markets, increased sales, and reduced fixed costs through conservation and wise use of resources.

Our Socially Responsible Benefit plans:
  • Provide a clear return on investment to your company;
  • Inspire and support natural leaders within your workforce;
  • Align company and employee values and goals;
  • Respect available resources and capacity constraints;
  • Ensure a real impact on our communities and our planet; and
  • Foster a culture of sustainable change.
  • And we can do all of this for less than 1% of what most organizations spend on their traditional benefit plans.

    So the real question is, what are you waiting for?